Sunday, 22 September 2013

B.A. English (PU) - Past Paper (A) 2013

(YEAR 2013 - GROUP I)
1. Explain with reference to the context any THREE of the followings:
(i) No time to turn at Beauty's glance
And watch her feet how they can dance
(ii) Will lie o'nights
In the bony arms of reality
And be comforted
(iii) The sun is behind me
Nothing has changed since I began
My eye has permitted no change
I am going to keep things like this.
(iv) I am not here as a creditor, and there is no dress prescribed specially for the creditors.
(v) He seemed just the same last night --- and he still has breakfast at eight o'clock. Been making pots of money I suppose.
2. Attempt any TWO of the following questions. 
(i) Discuss the element of humour and irony in "The Happy Prince".
(ii) Things are rotten at the centre and rotten at the core in "The Duchess and the Jeweler". Discuss.
(iii) Discuss the title of the play "The Smoke Screens".
3. Attempt any TWO of the following questions. 
(i) There is something essentially sad about the portrayal of the Tailor in "My Tailor".
(ii) Are Doctors men of science? Discuss.
(iii) "Policemen in Chesterton's essay behave exactly like our own policemen". Elucidate.
4. Attempt any TWO of the following questions.
(i) Is it good to have rebels in society? Discuss with reference to the poem in your course "The Rebel".
(ii) How did the Hunter get hunted in "The Huntsman"?
(iii) Discuss the main theme in the "Snake".
5. Attempt any TWO of the following questions. 
(i) Isolation can be destructive. How does the old man combat it in the Novel?
(ii) Old man found meaning in existence during his combat with the Marlin. Discuss.
(iii) There is almost scientific precision in Hemingwian Prose. Discuss.